Godzilla Attacks!

I had a wedding up north in Tsukidate and decided to take the long scenic route home instead of the Highway. (You take the Highway and I'll take the Lowway and I'll be in Sendai 'afore ye.)

I was lucky enough to see a few flocks of ducks, there were about 8 Vees of 20 each. Even luckier, I was stopped at a red and could snap a pic.

My first stop was at a Game Centre and Recycle shop but the shop was under construction and closed. Pretty lame toys but there was an awesome Godzilla ride and no staff around to tell me I couldn't go in!

For a buck, I ventured inside and tried to take a video. Unfortunately, the place is SO bright, that all I got was glare (I blame JJ Abrams) and a reflection of myself. If you skip near the end, you can see a bit of Godzilla getting firebombed by Destroyah. I'll need to go to another one and put up a curtain.

One Conbini that I infrequently frequent is Mini-Stop and they had a Hello Kitty mystery draw. I didn't get any of the big ticket items, but I got a mini-pocket bag and a brush. It may be a makeup brush but it looks like it'll be good for marinating steaks. I'm meeting an ex-pat tonight so I'll give her the choice of which she'd like. I also bought a drink with an unusual name, "Fruit Vinegar Sparkling!" It lived up to its name and was very tart.

 The only other stop I made was at a Book Off in Furukawa. I didn't buy much (for a change) but found a pack of ET stickers and a Daredevil comic. Comics are really hard to come by over here and someone had sold off about 60 of them. I picked up issue 100, mainly because it's the best bang for a buck (105 yen with tax) and because it included a reprint of Daredevil 90 with Black Widow!
I also grabbed some other books, but I'll showcase them later.

Not a bad haul and pretty cheap!

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