Ruru's Back in Town.

One of the Ernie's troupe is in town right now after deserting us for a job in Taiwan last summer. She was only available for last night's revelry but it was really nice to see her and her smile. Alas, my tummy problems are still with me so I called it an early night. But not before giving her my Kitty Brush. After doing so, I found out that it was not a makeup or marinating brush but a brush for cleaning one's keyboard. Darn, I would have kept it had I known.

An appropriate tune to accompany her arrival is Harry Warren's 1935 masterpiece, "Lulu's Back in Town." Here is Fats Waller scatting along to it back then.

I probably first heard it sung by the Twiggy clone, Lulu, back in the 60's. We were avid watchers of The Red Skelton Hour so I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this back when it was first broadcast.

Yet the version I remember best has to be from Sesame Street. I sent this to Ruru for her birthday last year.

Don't tell her but I think next year, I'll send her this one from Justice League Unlimited sung by Circe.

Not much of interest at the party last night, I gave away my other Kitty paraphernalia to my namesake, Mike, to go to his daughter.

I kept the good loot for myself. I landed this Mickey Mouse Frying Pan for a buck at UFO catch. Not a bad deal, I must say.

On my way to catch a cab, I snuck back into that very same Game Centre and won this Groovy Gatchapin Carrion Carry-on Bag on the very same machine, only this time it took me 4-5 tries. Now I can travel in style!!

Being a sucker for all things creepy, I spent several 100 yen coins on a trio of living prehistoric creatures.

The Woodlouse, the Coelacanth and the Giant Squid. They're SO cute!

I also got a trio of ama gaeru also known as the Japanese Tree Frog. Disappointingly, it's just three different shades of the same design.

That was it for last night's haul. Since Halloween ended, there hasn't been much to shoot for, it's all Christmassy Crap. On November first, (and probably a week or two before) there was no longer any Halloween-oriented goods, except for this ghostly RiraKuma who must not have received the memo.

Here is a smattering of all the other Ho-Ho-Horendous stuff stuffed in the games.

The only ones I'd consider getting right now would be this Jack or Gloomy.

Thanks for the fun few hours Ruru and thanks to the Game Centre for making it easy for me to land some loot!

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