Poppies, Pocky and Pretz.

Happy Remembrance Day everyone. It's hard to get a poppy over here and to be honest I have no direct personal connection to any veterans. I had a few uncles who died in WWII before I was born and apart from my sister's psychotic first husband, I don't know anyone in the military recently. Regardless, I do sincerely feel for those who had died on my behalf and who continue to serve.

That being said, I did do a shout out at 11:11 on 11/11 for by coincidence I was teaching Time to my Grades 3 and 4 today. They are more familiar with today as Pocky Day so I didn't get into the whole War thing. I gave a tasty Pudding-flavoured Pretz to each of the teachers today, so they too were happy.

A few other Pocky/Pretz I have around the abode include some veggie Pretz (can anyone tell me why it is pronounced プăƒȘッツ Pritz here?) and some regular Pocky with a funky box.

I dunno who this narrator is but she does seem to be a Pocky expert.

Later Poppy/PockyPretz people!

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