What Really Killed Off The Dragons.

It wasn't smoking or asteroids that killed the dinosaurs. It wasn't St. George or Peter MacNicol who slew the dragons.
 It was coffee that did them in!

Wonda, the Wondaful coffee maker has teamed up with Puzzle + Dragons  to show their dragons swilling down the sweetened brew known as coffee. Too bad it led to their demise.

The names of these guys in order of the pictures are as follows:  Teira, Preshi, Prakki, Toparitto, Ameritto, Ruby-Dragon, Sapphire-Dragon, Emerald-Dragon, Gold-Dragon and Metal-Dragon. I may have some of the names wrong, blame it on my poor eyesight when trying to read the katakana.

Thank goodness there's only ten of them, if I had to drink more coffee to get these, I may go extinct.

ps. My younger brother who rarely makes jokes had a good line about Dragonslayer. The village was concerned about their virginal daughters being sacrificed to the Dragon, so they hid them away or dressed them as boys. My brother had a more practical solution. "Why don't they just get laid?"

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