Giri Giri Geri.

ギリギリ Giri Giri = Just in Time, げり Geri = diarrhea. All day today, I have managed to get to the loo just in time for my bowels to explode. Too Much Information, so enough of that. What it does mean is that I'm in no mood for a long blog post, so here are a few items that have crossed my path in recent days.

I found a Conan/Lupin pudding at 7-11 today. The Lupicona Movie (pretty cool portmanteau of the two iconic characters) doesn't open till Dec. 7th so the merchandising will inevitably be coming fast and furious until then.

Check out the link above or if you can't be bothered, here's a trailer and a teaser for you:

If I make it through the night, I'm going to a nearby clinic in the morning. I hope I continue to make it in time!

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