What The Samhain Is Going On Here?

I hate coming back to blogging after a brief hiatus. It's tough to reboot the old brain. So I'll just jump in with some photos that I neglected to post from way back on Halloween night.

I spent the evening listening to Irish music (Yay Samhain!) at The Ha'penny Bridge and watching our beloved Eagles battle their Brobdingnagian opponents. Even better, lots of people in silly costumes including the staff.

A quintet of my wedding crew:

The band:

Spooky decorations:

Me in a goofy mask (won from 7-11, it supposedly is a character from Fist of the North Star. I dubbed it the HallowEagle to cheer on our baseball team.) Fortunately the ladies liked posing with me...

Other guys and gals who came and went throughout the night. Too bad it was a school night, I would have partied much heartier.

Eagles won the game (lost the next one forcing a Game 7 but we've already heard that story.) An awesome way to end Halloween.

BONUS: some funky Halloween videos!

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