I have lamented the lack of goods for King Kong in the past and so far the only thing I can come up with is a jumbo barrel of Popcorn with KK's name on it.

The only place that sells it is 109 Cinemas in Tomiya and though it is not inexpensive (750 yen), it did last me a few days.

I had time to kill so I popped into the neighbouring Aeon Mall and I saw a Shin-Godzilla poster in a record store. Sure enough, they had some Goodzilla Goods and I had to get some. A nice little 3D postcard.

Notice how the one above is perfectly cropped and the one below has a bit of finger attached. Thanks to the app, Office Lens, I now have the equivalent of a scanner and cropper built into my photos, it works especially well with documents or posters.

A Clear File of course.

And most importantly, a pair of boxers. I'm wearing them now and they are very comfortable.

In some non-kaiju related news, I received a Clear File from my school today as part of an Anti-Bullying campaign. That's a pretty gruesome image there.

But after the campaign, it should result in a happy ending.

I also scanned this pic from the newspaper advertising the City Art Museum with an exhibition of Cats and Ukiyoe.  I may just have to check it out.

I'm going to leave you with a verbatim diatribe about a dream I had this morning. I almost never remember my dreams so when I awoke at 4:30, I just had to transcribe it for my pals on Facebook.

I was an intern on a CBC comedy/documentary style show in which we'd drive around the city of Toronto and the regular comedians and guests would make amusing jokes or anecdotes about what we've seen on the streets.
(I don't know if such a show is practical or not nor whether it's ever been done but that is the premise of the show.)
The one unbreakable rule that the producer of the show had is that we must never leave the door open because her cute little dog, a terrier, would run away. Throughout the days filming, it became apparent to me that she didn't really care for the dog and the feeling seemed to be mutual.
I was already in a bit of hot water because the shows special guest was Susan Sarandon and I made her upset. Everything inside the van is filmed live and part of the popularity of the program is the quirkiness of the guests. Susan needed to move from one side of the vehicle to the other and I said to her, "It's just a jump to the left.", and motioned for her to take a seat. She just glared at me and justifiably so for I recall the times she'd be on Dave Letterman who'd always anger her by bringing up Rocky Horror when she was his guest which she expressly insisted that he not do so for she hated that role.
Anyway, there were a few good jokes on the program and it was running smoothly for the rest of the day. At one point, one of the stagehands went out for a smoke break when we were parked at Queens Park and left the door open. The dog guiltily looked at me and motioned towards the door and I made to attempt to stop it and the canine booted it out of the van and started chasing squirrels in the park. The producer furiously ran after the mutt, swearing her head off at both the dog and me and after fifteen minutes of running and cursing, she managed to wrangle the pup back into the van.
After that the rest of the day progressed coldly but smoothly and I noticed that she had a bag of marijuana and though she never smoked it, she'd consume the buds. She also fed them to her dog who gobbled them up gleefully. I thought to myself that that dog could sure run fast for something that must be stoned all the time.
At the end of the day, I was relieved when she said to Dave, the intern who had vouched for me, "See you tomorrow." For both he and I were sure that he'd be fired. She said that he wasn't let go but someone on the set was not welcome back and she winked at me.
My parting comment to everyone was as follows. "When Marjorie takes her dog for a walk, I wonder if she scoops out the buds from its poop and then proceeds to smoke them, sort of like the coffee beans plucked from the excrement of civet cats and then brewed up for a very expensive cup of java. Thus the history of the expression, 'Man, this is really good shit!'"
It got the biggest laugh of the day but unfortunately the cameras had stopped filming by that time.

Geez, that was longer than I thought...

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