Bean There, Done That.

We've finally got a few new KitKats on the market, but I must say I'm not overly impressed so far. お汁粉 (O-shiruko) is a red bean-paste used for desserts that has been added to the line-up of KitKat flavours that I won't be lining up to purchase again. I've never been a big fan of 小豆 (azuki beans) in the first place and even combining with chocolate and wafers does nothing to my tastebuds. Don't just take my opinion for it, I offered a stick to two co-workers and they both turned up their noses at it. But hey, they can't all be great!

On the other hand, this mini-wafer (2 tiny wafers for 42 yen! Highway robbery!), is quite yummy. I can't find any references to ロドケカカオ (rodoke-kakao) when I googled it, so I can't translate it for you, but kakao is obviously from the cacao bean, thus it has a bitter bite to it.

According to the homepage KitKat Breaktown, there are KitKat Kookies (deliberate spelling mistake) & both Strawberry & Blueberry Cheesecake flavours out there. If you see them in your travels, give me a holler so I can check them out!

I'll leave you with this very odd animated commercial for oshiruko soup:

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