The Pics Just Keep On Coming.

We had one helluva party, but those who didn't come to ours should have heeded the warning presented by David Letterman: Top Ten Signs You're at a Bad Halloween Party. I've shown you a few picks of myself & Michiko, but here comes a poop-load more. There are too many good costumes to warrant extensive comment on them all, so they will suffer a line of my sarcasm.

Perhaps if Sarah Palin had kept her campaigning to America, she might have fared better. Whose vote did she expect to sway by coming to our party?

A Samurai-DJ & Mixture on double duty.

Surprisingly Echo's Fearless Leader was the only Joker to show up to the gig.

3 of the members of my bridge club came and proved that bridge is not just for wussies.

Who let this cock in behind the DJ booth?

A cross between Gachapin & a gecko.

Mario & Luigi looked the part but they didn't know their own theme song when I sang it to them...posers!

This guy escaped from one of my Happi Settos.

This lovely moth had her cheek painted to match her motif thanks to Akemi and her gals from Dolphin.

DJ Dita makes getting arrested fun! Bring on the cuffs...

The name's Jones, Dom Jones. Shaft's very own Dom gets intuxicated with the glamourous Hitomi.

The best costume of the evening was one of the bartenders! I only wish it were homemade & not store-bought.

I felt like I was filming a porno when I snapped this. Apparently he's supposed to be that Olympic swimmer (Mark Spitz or Phelps or whoever.)

My next years costume...目玉のおやじ!

The dude from Gundam, gundammit.

Apple takes his drunken Salaryman role a bit too seriously.

Forgive us Father for we have sinned.

Pikachu poses Satanically.

A trio of terrific Devils.

The Joker spins his intricate plan.

The vamp & the vamp. Only one was drinking blood though.

Meow, the hunter in me really wanted to snag this trophy.

Even Satanistic Metal Heads were allowed to our shindig though we drew the line at virgin sacrifices. (Of course by the end of the evening, there were none left!)

She can join my harum anytime.

ComicBook Guy decides to pirate his videos in person.

That chick from DMC rocking on!

Believe it or not, this posh tush belongs to one of the (male) bar staff!

Lobster-man, to the rescue.

He's got a good Head on his shoulders!

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