Yuzu Friendly.

The world can breathe a sigh of relief now that we will soon have a sane person in the White House. But the residents of Obama Japan are doing more than sighing! They are whooping up a storm (as the link asserts.)

But even better news, after 5 weeks of KitKat withdrawal, a new flavour has finally arisen: the sweet/sour burst of ゆず, 柚, 柚子 (yuzu.) This citrussy blend of a Japanese Lemony/Orangey mix melds well with the crunchy KitKat wafer to mouth-watering delight.

So far those who I've polled have come out either in favour of the sourness and others in favour of the sweetness. So everyone get out there and vote with your tastebuds. This is one election worth casting your vote.

You may be interested in knowing that on the Winter Solstice, bathing in this fruit is a time-honoured tradition, thought to bring wealth & good health. Whole fruits are floated in the hot water of the bath, releasing their aroma. Curiously, a lot of women voters are hoping to bathe with Obama after January 20th's inauguration.

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