Who's The Creature The World Forgot?

That would be me.

Our Echophonyk event outdid everyone's expectations by surpassing all previous parties of the year and perhaps outnumbering last year's total Echo attendance...in one night! 320 people showed up! Though there were some logistical problems at the door as usual, a few aborted tries at fisticuffs and a minuscule amount of ill will, everyone else seemed to have a magnificent time. The staff at Shaft did an awesome job of decorating the place and really got into the spirit by adorning excellent costumes. Furthermore, the music was rocking, the lighting was fabulous and the sound quality was excellent.

But I'll get back to that in due time, what people really want to see is me dressed up in a silly outfit, often on the arm of a beautiful damsel. So here goes:

Because I missed my train by 10 seconds, I was late to the shindig and had to dress in the staircase, assisted by the adorable Hitomi. Therefore I bode my time while listening to Alex's first set by wearing a Pluto around my head.

Here is the aforementioned adorable Hitomi with a close-up of the makeup job she did on me.

An incredible makeup job transformed a young lady into the dude from
デトロイト・メタル・シティ (Detroit Metal City)!

This Stewardess (sorry, Flight Attendant) recognized me as a teacher back in my Tokiwagi days. I certainly didn't recognize her. Must be the uniform.

This frog-creature insisted on being clubbed by me. What can I say, I like clubbing amphibians.

I got into a club vs. sword match with this guy (who may actually be one of the djs, I've never been introduced to half of them!)

I ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Any self-respecting caveman always seeks out an Amazon to club. Problem was she was too tall for me to Conk!

See that Skull on my cheek, donated by my pals at Dolphin who we called in for nail-art and face-painting. Oh, and two hot chicks.

A took a trek down Kokubuncho and popped into 305 and Title for a bit of trick or treating.

I got some gum at 305 and Suu's very own Title chocolate. Everyone oohed and aawed and exclaimed, "Ah, Halloween!" I replied in the negative and insisted that I always dressed like this.

People also liked my snake and homemade club. The snake was a UFO catch (I'm glad I chose my red one and not my blue one; it's a little more eerie, I feel) of course and the club was made by wrapping a 100¥ megaphone in masking tape. Not really all that impressive but the yokels were impressed.

The aforementioned X2 adorable Hitomi again taken by a very drunken young lass who couldn't keep the camera straight. Hitomi looked just like a southern belle out of Gone With The Wind.)

The incredibly inebriated Ernie who irritatingly popped his head into every photo I tried to take.

I knew this giant stuffed King Kong head would come in handy someday. Makes a wonderful hunter's trophy!

Wearing a witch's hat. I had a jackal skull with me but it was difficult to attach.

Once I made it onto the dance floor, I had several fans, some more intimate than others.

Not entirely sure who this guy is or what his costume was. He is the exception, the amount, variety and originality of people's costumes were amazing.

One of innumerable witches who showed up. Hey, check out the Dream Catcher around my ear. Another touch of authenticity.

The wonderfullest witch of the night was my pal Michiko and she sent me a few photos that she had taken (ergo the superior photography!)

Here I am with a New Orleans-style character better known as Techno-girl.

While I was busting a move on the dance floor at four am (during a surprisingly terrific set by DJ Mixture), I was caught on film as the following photos attest:

For your viewing pleasure, try watching the trailer for my post's title.

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