Soups On!

The other day I met an old pal for lunch at Soup Stock Tokyo. She had the Borscht, I had some Creamy seafoody-concoction that tasted like Tomato Soup. I had a bite of hers, go for the Borscht. I've walked by this place (near the S-Pal II exit to the new Parco, btw) and it's always packed with women. I never see a guy in there so that discouraged me to enter until I was accompanied by the fairer sex. Worth checking out.

Anyway, I met up with this former paramour whom I previously saw at her wedding party last March.

This is what she looks like now! (In a parallel universe - probably one in which I have a goatee, that belly infestation could have been half mine. Ah, well...)

Anyway, we wondered around the Parco for I wanted to check out their Lego display. It is now over but I did manage to snap a few photos of some World Heritage Sites. They had a room full of them, but it woulda cost me 300 to enter. I felt the models scattered around the mall were sufficient. Here we see Macho Pikachu atop Lima, Peru.

The Colosseum of Roma, but where is Ben Hur?

The Great Wall-e of China.

The Taj Mahal. If you look closely, you can see Apu.

NO idea whatsoever as to what this is...a teepee?

This some kind of Sphinx (man, I wish I'd taken a memo so I could remember each of these.)

Some hippie...groovy baby.

This guy was taking my picture just when I was taking his!

Who knew that George Lucas has become a Heritage Site? Like he needs another excuse to feed his giant ego!

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