Honing The Ronin.

Having just reread 300, and coming across this about Ronin on my weekly Japanese net-lesson, it reminded me how amazing it would be to see Frank Miller's Ronin developed for the big screen. Anyone out there know if this is a forthcoming project (after the Spirit & Sin City 2 of course.)

As per my net-lesson and for those not in the know, 浪人 are masterless samurai who have lost their status due to their own misdeeds or the untimely death of their lord. One of the first stories of translated Japanese literature I've read while here is 忠臣蔵 or Chushingura, The Treasury of Loyal Retainers, also known as the story of the 47 Ronin, which is one of the most famous and popular of all Japanese dramas. Written in the 18th century as a bunraku (puppet theatre), it is now best known through Kabuki theater performances.

According to my net-teacher, Namiko Abe, "in modern Japan, the term ronin is used to refer to high school graduates who failed to pass university entrance examination of their choice and are devoting themselves to another try next year." I heard about this a year ago at my last school, and I seriously thought of writing a story combining these two themes. "The story of 47 High School kids who flunked out and their revenge on the principal." If it hasn't yet been told, it's a tale ripe for the telling. But should someone beat me to the punch, remember you heard it here first!

Here's a great car chase from a not-so-great movie...

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