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Just thought I'd comment on the passing of Michael Crichton, considering he's listed in my profile as a Guilty Pleasure. Sure he wrote some trash and his last book I read (State of Fear) really stretched my patience with his right-agenda, but I have read almost all his works and enjoyed them. Ultimately, he's a pick-up-a-novel-at-the-airport-bookstore type of novelist, but you're always in for a fun, though forgettable read.

Though I'd seen several of the movies based on his writing, I suppose I got hooked with Jurassic Park (who didn't?) I know I'd seen Andromeda Strain and then read the book. Similarly with Westworld & Coma, I enjoyed his directorial efforts, Yul Brynner freaked me out as a youth! Then came the novels that read like screenplays (Sphere, Congo, Rising Sun, etc.) which were rather puffy pieces of tripe but enjoyable puffy pieces of tripe. As for TV, I was always a Chicago Hope kind of guy and never got into ER, nor could I figure out its longevity.

I met the man once at a book signing (one of his 90's books, I'm hard-pressed to recall which one.) He was personable enough and is the tallest author I've ever met at 206cm (6'9") with Douglas Adams running a close second at 6'5".

Though I was turned off by State of Fear, I will next have to track down Next when I'm home at Christmas. I hope his death doesn't boost the prices on used books, I'll need something to read on the plane! (Word of advice, don't read Airframe while flying...)

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