For チョコレート Lover, & クッキー Lover.

It's always feast or famine with the Nestle folks. We can go weeks without a new flavour and then we get several within a few days. I just got over the influx of two different cheesecake concoctions, when now I've been inundated with 2 different sizes of クッキープラス (Cookies+) which is a mix of KitKat wafers with a brown chocolate cookie that looks and tastes suspiciously like an Oreo. I wonder what rival Nabisco has to say about that?

We have two different sizes, the normal wafer-length 2-pack at 130¥ or the box of 8 mini-wafers at 210¥. This has fast become my favourite KitKatian snack in a long time...

To whet your appetite for a bit of Oreo goodness, here is Riko Narumi taking a bite. (She was in one of my favourite movies, The Great Yokai War.)

On the back of one of the boxes, we get this cool quote, "For Chocolate Lover, For Cookie Lover." (The Japanese language has no natural plural, so no Lovers here.)

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