Nothing Could Be Finer...

Than to watch the 89ers in the morning (well, afternoon.) Thanks to a freebie tickets from Ando, DJ Mixture, Dom's wife & children, Magnificent Michiko & I attended an Sendai 89ers game last Sunday. Being a short little bugger, I've never been a fan of these Brobdingnagian rejects dribbling all over the court, but I was surprisingly caught up in the excitement of the game and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Granted, the company I was in helped my enjoyment, though the game itself was fairly gripping as well.

They pretty much dominated the first half, but were behind throughout the 3rd quarter and didn't regain the lead until the last 3 minutes yet still managed to retain it.

I auditioned for the team, but alas didn't make the cut for their recent line-up. But I must say, I look good in yellow!

But who cares about the game, when during every timeout, the Cheerleaders came on and enthralled the audience with their gyrations.

One of the dancers looked gosh-darn familiar and I was certain it was a former Tokiwagi student/ Seiwa teacher who left the school 2 years ago to get hitched. She was a dance teacher & gymnast, so I was not at all surprised to see her dancing with these sirens. I set up a meeting with her via one of the floor-hostesses in order to invite her cheer-mates to the next Echophonyk event. Was my face red when I realized that she was not the person I thought she was, but I handed her some flyers and she was gracious enough to pose with me.

Here's a few seconds of Tyna, the Lionesque mascot, boogieing with the GoGo-Girls:

Michiko & I parted company from the other fans and went to see a movie. Unfortunately there wasn't anything worth seeing, so we went for Sushi instead. It was extremely delicious!

By the way, can anyone explain to me why our team is called the "89ers" and why they have a yellow lion as a mascot?

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