I never did see the Bonsai village, but here are a few pictures of a mini-bamboo forest:

I love this firefighter adorning a manhole cover.

I'm stumped as to what this could be.

Unexpectedly, I came across a mini-zoo in the center of the park. It was only about the size of a school gym and held a surprizing smattering of species. None of the residents looked too happy to be there!
Cockatoos, Parrots, Pigs Savannah monkeys, Macaques, a Black bear cub, a pacing Leopard Cat (ベンガルヤマネコ Bengal Mountain Cat), a Raccoon Dog (狸/Hondo-tanuki), Pheasants, Cranes, Hyenas, Goats & other fowl were a few of the representatives.

From Bamboo to a Zoo to a Loo!

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