Stick It To The Man!

Since new KitKats have been absent of late, I've had to munch on a few healthier treats. First up is a cheap pretzel stick by Kabaya that is 梅/うめ味(Ume)-flavoured! It has a tangy taste to it thanks to a sour plum dusting. I quite like it but it's not for everyone's palate. It's running about 50-50 in my co-worker taste-test.

My next stick-trick is a swell
アスパラガス/ Asparagus-Pretz (try the Pretz-game at that link!) Baked with オリーブオイル &
スパイス (olive oil & spice) it has a distinct asparagal flavour. I haven't taste-tested this amongst the peers, it was too yummy to share!

Our Pocky of the month is a limited edition of Kiwi flavour. I enjoyed it, but again not all enjoy its sweet/tangy taste. Call me now and I can get it for you for 168¥, this E-Bay bid is for 5 bucks!

I've tried other shaped snacks as well, including a triangular Gourmet Doritos inundated with the powerful taste of
わさびマヨネーズ味 (Wasabi-mayonnaise.) It is very pungent, almost to the point of eye-watering, but goes nicely with a medium-salsa.

Oh right, before I forget, tomorrow is the latest Echophonyk at Shaft. Come on down if you're in the neighbourhood. I still haven't decided if I'm going. I may just stay home and pig out on the above!

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