Scream & Scream Again!

I attended a birthday party last night for a friend, Yukiko, who turned the ripe old age of ?? (though she doesn't look it.) We ate at this newish Spanish restaurant (Banjar, I think), and the food was pretty good (which reminds me: I scammed some leftover Honey-mustard Chicken from the place and forgot to refrigerate it. I guess I'd better toss it.)

The cake was tiny but somehow it managed to serve everyone a slice, just like one of those miracles that happened 2000 years. Also served was Vanilla Ice Cream with a butterscotch sauce that was pretty tasty. So of course I had to teach them, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream." (Click that link for a bit from Down by Law!) Much to my surprise, they began to hum a tune with those lyrics in it! After a bit of digging (and thanks to Akari hanging out at 305 later), dug up a YouTube of 榊原 郁恵 (Sakakibara Ikue) singing it. Hmmm, she's about my age. I wonder if she's single...

Speaking of Ice Cream, the infamous Ben & Jerry chain has come out with a new flavour called Yes, Pecan in honour of the new Prez. I have stolen this gag to promote my own bad joke about Obama's love of Japanese Oranges...Yes, Mikan! (温州蜜柑 = unshu-mikan, a flavourful Japanese citrus fruit.) Speaking of American Presidents, here's a link to 30 potential Bush flavours, my favourites are Impeachmint or Melon Head.

But let's get back to the party. She had a good turn out, about 30-40 people and here are some pictures of the partygoers at the restaurant:

Afterwards we all went to Bar Isn't It (which I refuse to link to, for it does not come recommended at all by me.) That being said, I still managed to have a good time thanks to the bevy of babes with whom to parlay on the dance floor but I did have to put up with some dreadful music (these young whippersnappers like this Hippety-Hop stuff for some reason.) Here are some pics of the bevy.

Later on I wandered into 305, Liga & Ernies. I like to end my evening in the company of Russian hos, yet this time, I also met a cute little hobbitish China doll, Suki. I got her # but she does seem a tad young for me. But one never knows?

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