Oh, Mister Moon!

When I was a wee lad, my father used to sing this tune to us while we were travelling throughout Canada.

This is from memory, but it goes something like this...

Oh, Mister Moon, moon
Bright & shining moon,
Come from behind that tree.
My life's in danger
I've got to run,
Here comes the man with the big gattlin' gun
Oh, Mister Moon, moon
Bright & shining moon,
Won't you please shine down on,
(please shine down on),
Please shine down on me!

So I googled it and look at all the different versions I dug up! Every time I espy the moon, that tune goes through my head.

So tonight when I went to catch my bus, several telescopes were set up pointed at both the half-moon & 金星 kin-hoshi which literally means "Gold Star" = Venus.

I snapped this with my cell phone through the scope's lens. Pretty cool, eh? I impressed the volunteers by exclaiming 大月 (Dai-tsuki, which means Large Moon); 大すき (dai-suki) means "I really like it."

In Setsubun news, I never did toss any beans today, but I did eat a traditional 恵方巻 (eho-maki, a thick sushi roll.) This particular one features 森公美子 (Morikou Kumiko), who is a famous Opera singer from Sendai who often makes the talk show circuit! There are instructions of what direction you're supposed to face while eating it and you're not supposed to talk while doing so. I followed the order, so who knows what luck I may gain!

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