Happy 2669 Birthday, Japan!

Today is 建国記念の日 (Kenkoku Kinen-no-Hi) and like all patriotic Japanese, I spent the day nursing a hangover. In 660 BC, Emperor Jimmu, the direct descendant of 天照 (the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu.)

For reasons I don't quite comprehend, it's a controversial holiday, but it can't be more controversial than this:

As you can see, they scam my "Yes, Mikan" joke from a previous post but you have to admit, the magic is pretty darn good!

In honour of today, I will provide you with photos of a smattering of crap acquired from various teas that I have lying around the apartment...

Here is a Flight Attendant from ANA of 1956 along with the other uniforms of the movie Happy Flight. I never saw the movie but I do like the figure's figure!

Some Olympic スーパーボール/Superballs from Coca Cola.

Some cutesy memo paper.

Some penguins from Aqua.

A couple of cool looking traditional characters. I honestly have no idea what they are.

A Panda spoon from Kirin tea.

A little Panda phone cleaner.

Little リラクマ/ Relax-Bear baggies.

Time for me to Relax and go to bed!

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