CSI Sendai!

Catherine, we're going to need the entire team assembled for this one. A rather gruesome demise of one Michael Jones at a bar called Liga.

The whole team? I'll see what I can do, but Sara & Greg are busy with the Russian hooker case over at Ernies. I think I can spare Nick for you.

I confiscated the decedent's camera and hope to puzzle together the pieces to try and make some sense of it all. It appears that there was some kind of birthday celebration; let's try and discern what occurred and maybe we can sort out a motive for this mess.

Good work Nick, but you know we only follow the evidence, we don't need motivation. That's Brass's job. Whose birthday was it?

Two different girls, a Hitomi & a Michiko.

What presents did they get? Perhaps we can figure out something from that.

received a
スパイダーマン book, she seems fairly content with it.

I dunno. It's from that crappy Ultimates line and it looks like a used copy. Cheap bastard!

Enough Nick, how about the other girl. Michiko, was it?

She got a single red rose, some lipstick, what looks like a husky and a CSI科学捜査班 DVD. He really skimped on the wrapping paper, didn't he? And it's one of those D'Agostini deals. The first DVD is inexpensive and then you pay through the teeth for subsequent ones. We've got a real stingy bugger here. Maybe that's why someone offed him.

Quit the editorializing, Stokes. Who were the other guests? Maybe we'll find some answers there.

The one on the left, that's Fumika. She's dated the vic a few times, but from what I understand, he never even got to first base with her. The others are Ai & Eriko, but they met him for the first time that night.

I haven't been able to contact the woman in the middle, but the one on the left is Tomoko who's a hair designer at Blanket. I've been trying to reach her at 022-711-2586.

How about the guys? I think I recognize this guy, Dave, aka DJ Mixture. He looks pretty out of it, maybe he got loaded and did him in. And is he grabbing at Jones' crotch there?

Naw, as far as I know, he's straight. Though you won't know it in that get-up. The other guy is this huge Oilers fan. Name's Rob. Clean as a whistle and a proud Canadian.

This guy crops up in several pics. What's his story?

DJ Mokgohan? He's known the victim for decades. No bad blood between them.

I don't know about that. I heard that Michael kept interrupting the Commemorative Birthday CD he made in order to sing some Bobby Darin! You know how tempermental those djs get.

True, but they seem to have patched things up. They sang several duets together. "Hitomi" sung to the tune of Let It Be and "Magical Michiko Tour". They make a pretty good team from what I hear.

I understand that Mr. Jones catered the entire deal himself. Here he is making Caesars for everyone! He made one doubly-spicy and served them up Russian Roulette style, maybe someone didn't take kindly to that.

Say Al, have you finished the autopsy yet?

Yes I have and I've analysed his stomach contents. It appears that he went all out with this Canadian theme. It looks like Smoked Salmon, some Salmon Pâté with capers on a Ritz, authentic Poutine, and some Canuck cookies & bars. Oh and some chocolate cake and what appears to be a きなこ (kinako) KitKat.

That just shows he's patriotic. It still doesn't get us any closer as to a cause of death. Did you talk to the Bartender?

Yeah, Satomu said that after everyone left, Michael and Michiko hung around until after 3am. He isn't certain, but he thinks he overheard her say something about a new boyfriend.

Okay there you go, that's the answer!

Come on Gil, spill it what are you talking about?

It's obvious, he died of a broken heart!!

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