Happy 9th Echoversary!

We had our little shindig last night and it was a blast. Fortunately nothing untoward occurred (as far as I know) yet now I can let you in on a little secret. There has been some bad blood between organizers of late that included the excising of a core member, non-payment of promised yen, NO DRINK TICKETS and a general dislike of some of the music played by the DJs. I'm not going to name names since the major instigator has stepped down but not before a lot of merde had hit the fan.

The good news is that the excised member has been reattached (that doesn't sound right.) The bad news is that the founder of the whole thing (DJ Mokugohan) has decided to step down and I decided to do so as well. Thus I will no longer be a promoter of this event.

But last night was so much fun that I may rescind the above statement, provided a few changes get made.

So without further ado, here are some pictures of me with some cute chicks (at Ernies) and of me Cutting a Rug. For all the rest of the flicks, I've made a Flickr page that you can surf to by clicking here.

Next time I go to Echo, it might be as a civilian!!

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