Can You Tell Me How To Get...

I was a huge fan of Sesame Street back in the day (Grade 8 to be precise) when we'd rush home at noon to watch the Muppets' sketches and then I'd discuss them with my math partner.
クッキーモンスター (Cookie Monster) was a fave, as were the platonic
バート&アーニー (Bert & Ernie). Once I entered High School, I didn't get to watch it at lunch, so I missed a lot. I did manage to land these three donning a Summer-time Yukata.

These days, SS has become so pc and bland that it's unwatchable. Oscar isn't a Grouch, Mr. Snuffleupagus is no longer Big Bird's invisible friend and Cookie Monster eats vegetables! I'm afraid to see what they've turned Bert& Ernie into! But the character that ruined Sesame Street (and IMHO led to the downfall of the Muppets) has to be エルモ (Elmo)! There is no way that I'll try and track down his Yukata-wearing butt! I don't even know who ティーナ (Tina) is so I won't seek her out either. I have a soft spot for ビッグバード (Big Bird) so he's still on my list!

This is what the gang has been reduced to these days!!

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