Part 2 of Ed week is a poem he'd written shortly after graduating from teacher's college. Not unsurprisingly he didn't last long as an educator, but these are words I try to live by:

Suffer the little children,
I'd love to see them crawl,
Bleeding from the nose and mouth
While moving down the hall.
To lovingly caress them once
With club across the head
And smash the noses and the teeth
Then see the colour red.
But my fondest wishes,
Alas will not come true,
We cannot touch the buggers
So the classroom's like a zoo.
They say violence on the kiddies,
Leaves mental scars so strong,
I'd rather scar their bodies though
With cuts 10 inches long.
Psychology is bunk I say,
Though you might think me crass.
The best way to have discipline
Is a swift kick up the ass.

E.L. Kowalski

Honestly, a gentler man you wouldn't meet. Catharsis is a wondrous thing!

This appalling handwriting is mine, taken from the original.

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