Happy PIkachu Appreciation Day!

I see that 7-11 and Coke have another Pikachu tie-in, this time with mini-pushcars driven by characters from the forthcoming movie! Here are two, one (ムクホークMukuhawk) in its protective plastic Pope-mobile covering, the other (モウカザルMoukazaru) without.

As you can see, there are another 8 to collect. I won't go out of my way to get them all, but they are kinda cool (& speedy!)

Furthermore, when you walk into a 7-11, there are these sheets of paper upon which you can collect stamps of your favourites! I guess if you fill out a complete sheet, you can send it in at a chance at a prize.

What's that you say? 22/7 is not Pikachu Appreciation Day, but rather Pi Approximation Day!


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