Kitty Ghiddorah!

One of the problems of working downtown with 3 hours off are the many temptations available to a card-carrying otaku! Today was no exception, for I popped over to my favourite Capsule dealer to check out his wares. Not much to offer until I noticed Kitty-chan has been merged again. How could I resist when I saw what she'd been transformed to?

First up is a fairly lame 科学特捜隊員 (Ultraman good guy) brandishing a SPOON as a weapon, wtf?!?

Along with him is one of the odder villains (whose not all that villainous)),
ピグモン (Pigmon) a pygmy-sized monster with a fairly grim look on its face holding a balloon!

After I got a double, the proprietor traded it for the mostest awesomest King Ghiddorah I've ever seen sporting 3 different expressions!

Still trying to acquire the elusive Gojira, I got another lame one, a Kamen Rider wearing a muffler. Not very menacing. I must say.

I got another double so I convinced him to dig through the bin but all the Big Gs were gone! Ah well, here's what Godzilla-Kitty looks,

I may have to order one from the fine folks at Bandai.

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