KitKat Kuticle Kut!

One of the disadvantages of being disarmed is an inability to cut my own nails. Thus I visited my friendly neighbourhood Nail-artists so they could work their magic on my cuticles. I'm man enough to admit that a manicure is a cure for being manhandled.

The Dolphin gals know how to treat you right and all it cost me was a KitKat!

So what did I ply them with? Well, this morning I discovered a new flavour, 梅ソ-ダ which is a tangy Ume Soda. Ume are usually sour plums but this concoction was still a tad too sweet yet with a lingering sour aftertaste. It gets a shiny well-manicured thumbs up from me!

KitKats usually get released in pairs and sure enough, I found a new flavour en route home. This マンゴ・プリン (mango-pudding) was yummy enough but grossly overpriced! In one of those packs of minis for 298¥, you only get 8 (as opposed to the usual 13-14) and 4 of those are the regular chocolate versions! That means you have to pay 74.5¥ each for a few tiny new ones and they throw in the bland choco ones for free!

Did I fall for their cheap marketing ploy yet again? Of course I did! Will I get sucked into the same ploy the next time? You already know the answer to that one!

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