No, it's not a breakfast cereal, rather I found a half-dozen mini-Puffy CD Singles at Book-Off a while ago and since I'm staying home recuperating, I thought I'd give them a listen. If I can figure out how, I may even embed a tune for you to hear.

Here are 3 minis with their incredibly cute covers & corresponding back covers.

And here are 3 more! Hard to believe these things sold for 600-1000¥ for 2-4 songs back in the late 90s, but damn the tunes are addictive! Fortunately, they only cost me 100¥ each!

Surprisingly, this full-sized CD from 2007 only has 3 songs but sells at a premium price (only 300¥ for me though!)

To date all my previously YouTubed Puffy videos have been yanked by the InterNetzis and I'm sure these will be done so soon as well...so be sure to watch them asap.

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