I'm Beet!

It's been a rather exhausting week, I must say. The toughest part of the week has been getting dressed in the morning! It's a darned good thing I'm right-handed or I'd be going to work pantless!

But I did make it to work daily and each of my students have signed my cast. They all complied with a certain amount of pleasure at committing such anarchy. You see, casting ones' signature on a cast is unheard of over here so the kids (& adults) participated in their graffiti gleefully!

I've had a major change in my weekly schedule as well for I now teach Business English to 21/54 intermediate students out in the sticks on Thursdays & Fridays (the other 33 are beginners taught by others.) It's both challenging and fun and I also escape a handful of kids lessons! One of the guys made me a convenient scratching stick out of an umbrella shaft!

But best of all, my final lesson tonight was with one of my long-time high school private students who provided me with a present.Last spring, I acquired some seed packets that came with Mitsuya Cider. Another student & I sowed them in the little cup provided. The herb I planted never sprouted, but the
カブ (kabu=turnip) that she cultivated came to fruition and 3 hearty shoots shot up. Knowing they'd die under my watchful eye, I gave them to the aforementioned Yuki to tend to during Golden Week. She transplanted them to her granny's garden and low and behold, I'm now the proud owner of a couple white カブ!

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