Night Museum!

I have to wait a few more weeks to see ナイト ミュージアム 2 so in the interim I'm going to try and figure out this game that came with the Deluxe version of the ナイト ミュージアム DVD. I enjoyed A Night at the Museum immensely when I saw it in Canada ages ago and equally enjoyable is its DVD goodies-packed DVD!

I'll provide you with the board & play cards, It's up to you to figure out the rules for the game or make up your own...

The board was folded into 6 pieces, all you have to do is puzzle them together. (Hint: スタート is Start and ゴール is the Goal.)

Provided as well are two dice that you'll need to cut out and fold into hexagons. Pretty straight forward origami.

I'm not quite sure what these Character cards are for but you'll need to paste the words to the back of poster pages and cut them up.

Furthermore, there are 5 each of the major Museum Display Characters worth 5-20 points, each with a bit of biographical information. If you really want the info in Japanese, just ask. Otherwise, go Google it!

That's the game...Have fun!

Oh yeah, in addition to the above, I also got a Balsa-model of T-Rex. Damn Cool!

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