Casting Aspersions.

As I alluded to yesterday, I have successfully been disarmed. I've come to the conclusion that the doc is a sadistic butcher, but otherwise I'm glad to be unencumbered. Check out the nasty buzzsaw he used on my arm...I asked him to just remove the cast and not the arm. The nurse laughed but he didn't. Apart from the smell of burning plaster, the removal went smoothly (until he got to the wrist when I could feel the blade...not a good sign. Fortunately there was sufficient padding to prevent a gushing!)

After being miscast, my arm dangled limply and I was in worse pain than the initial accident! His instruction was to move it back and forth (therapy, I guess) and then he exclaimed, "終わり!" (owari=finished) Dumbfounded, I protested his dismissal and he just reiterated, "終わり! 終わり!" My completely useless limb and I had to end up walking out into the pouring rain (do you know how tough it is to open a brolly with one arm?) whereupon I had to walk to my regular doctor who at least washed my arm and put on a couple of bandages.

My arm has recovered somewhat though it'll be awhile before I can play the violin (that's funny, I could never play before...rimshot!)

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