Cartoon Christmas!

This is the best 天皇誕生日 (Emperor's Birthday) ever! A lazy semi-hungover day including hours of TV and nuthin' else! I just saw Charlie Brown's Christmas, and earlier today I saw くるみ割り人形 (Nutcracker Fantasy), a bizarre Rankin-Bass clone by the Hello Kitty crowd, Sanrio (Kitty-chan even makes a cameo). Alas, it was in Japanese, so I missed out on Christopher Lee and others, but it was freaky! Apparently, some scenes were cut in American showings cuz they were too gruesome, but I got to see them all! Love that 2-headed Rat-queen!

It stars 杉田かおる (Sugita Kaoru) who I think can be seen as one of these three (I'm not sure which!) singing, Triangle Love Letter!

I just finished watching Rudolph right now, and am off to go visit Akari at her mom's.

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