Sweet 17!

(X3) Today, I celebrate the third anniversary of my 17th birthday! (Proof attached.) When I was home in October, I found a briefcase full of photos & stuff and since it's my party and I'll scry if I want to, here's a look back to some memorabilia from days gone by.

25 years ago when I was 13 kg lighter and a struggling Social Worker by day and struggling actor by night, I had an inept agent who got me next to no work. It couldn't have been because of my profile, because...well I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

I promised a while back that if I ever found it, I'd post the picture of Fraggle Rock I had. Much to my chagrin it was not signed as I'd misremembered.

High school buddy, Phil, sent me this photo earlier and here it is again in all its faded uncropped glory!

I won tickets to the third Star Trek movie premiere and although it was an odd-numbered one, it was still pretty good. There was a costume party afterwards and I put on a bathrobe, hung a fish from my ear and went as Arthur Dent. Needless to say no one figured it out except for a Dale Arden-clone with whom I fell in love.

My all time favourite movie is King Kong and I must say I have a soft spot for the Creature as well.

I don't care what anyone else says, I liked Yellowbeard!

Don't tell Mokugohan because this will be one of his Christmas presents today and the others are for his wife and daughter. (You'll have to figure out what goes to whom.) The GeGeGe pic is from a calendar of a dozen different anime that I'm using as wrapping paper.

If there really were a Santa Claus, this gal who I met at a Comic Convention ages ago would have ended up in my stocking this morning!

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