Krampus Cramps Us!

Thanks to one of my roving reporters, I've just discovered a new reason to be happy at Christmas. It's Krampus, St. Nicholas' darker half. While St. Nick is handing out presents to the good kids, Krampus is dishing out punishment to the bad kids. I'm glad I didn't grow up in Germany or certain other parts of Europe, or I'd have had my hide tanned with a switch or chains! OUCH! Be sure to check out those links to learn more.

Here are a few of my favourite postcards that I've yanked from the site:

Not quite as scary as Krampus, is yours truly in Kris Kringle apparel. On Saturday morning I posed for photos with over a hundred rugrats and then helped my able assistant, Carl dole out some presents to the good kids. If there were bad kids, they were below my radar.

Today's GeGeGe sees Kitaro and the gang go up against some Cycloptean Oni. I'm pretty certain that I'd be real careful as to which toothbrush I use in that household and don't you just love to see Neko-Musume go feral?

It's frick'n cold here these days, so how about a bit of Yuki-Onna to warm you up?

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