Santa Came!

I was fairly naughty this year, so I didn't think I'd be graced with a gift today, but look what I found in my stocking...I got a cool クイクイパック!

The first thing I opened was this incomprehensible looking box of an アクションゲーム (action game) from Kabaya. Cool, it's a mini-Pinball, but now I have to figure out how to assemble it!

Oh, a couple of リラックマ Rirakuma treats, some イチゴグミ (Strawberry Gummies) & some タブレッツ (tablets-never too early to hook kids on pills)!

A three-pack of ジュ-C カルシウム pills, レモン, グレープ & サイダー (lemon, grape & cider) and you also get a sheet of funky カバガラスシール (kabagarsu seals) teaching you how to do a Crow-dance!

Some イチゴミルクプレッツエル (strawberry-milk pretzels), some スイカリポリ watermelon & lemon sticks & two yummy Straight Tea chocolates!

Finally, a Gundam-clone called Linebarrel! Thanks Santa!

Under my tree (actually an Aloe plant) there was a twinpack of Grindhouse movies! Perfect for Christmas...you can't spell Slaughter without laughter!

Believe it or not, Nestle was thinking of me and brought out a new Kitkat flavour, ミルクコーヒー (milk-coffee) including the saying, "キット、サクラサクよ" that upon receipt encourages one to study hard!

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