Unofficial GeGeGe Month.

After a month of Halloween blogs and a week of Boris Karloff, I've gotten used to daily posts on one subject. Thus this month I'm going to subject you to a subject dear to me, that of our friendly neighbourhood Yokai-Guy, GeGeGe no Kitaro! I shall try to give a bit of GeGeGe goodness to you on a daily basis for December (unless I get too busy or bored or otherwise occupied...OR as in yesterday's case, when my darned scanner went on the fritz!) If anyone wants to join in, feel free!

Here are a few pages of a GeGeGe Encyclopedia I picked up last Sunday. Let's take a look at the cast first:
目玉おやじ/Me-Dame Oyaji is a tiny sake-loving reincarnated cycloptean eyeball on legs who happens to be Kitaro's father. On the facing page is ねずみ男/Nezumi-Otoko, a stinky rat based yokai with a rather devious and duplicitous nature.

子泣き爺/Konaki Jijii is a forgetful old yokai man who clings to an adversary and then turns to stone, weighing them down. His teammate is 砂かけ婆/Sunakake Babaa, an old yokai lady who advises Kitaro and blinds her opponents by pitching sand to the eyes.

Here we have 一反木綿/Ittan Momen who is a flying roll of cloth! ぬりかべ/Nurikabe is a walking wall who acts as a protectorate of the gang. Furthermore is my favourite member, 猫娘/Neko-Musume a feline yokai with a bit of a temper and a crush on Kitaro.

And finally is ゲゲゲの鬼太郎/GeGeGe no Kitaro himself of whom I shall speak in detail in the future. Enjoy his visage plus several other pages of the gang in action plus a few bad guys! (There are another 274 pages of this book in black & white but you'll have to find a copy of it yourself!) Kitaro also plays baseball and I've included a classic episode too!

Here are some toys that I haven't yet acquired! I simply must rectify that...

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