I picked up this magazine from a toy store last year assuming it'd have some amusing panels in it of a semi-pronographic nature. Well it does, but they are all of a homoetoric nature and this is the time that I'd normally say, "Not that there's anything wrong with that." But the problem is that everything is wrong with this for it doesn't portray Kitaro as a youth in his late teens (like the live action movies) but as a boyish lad. I think I can show the cover and the first and last page, but the rest is just very disturbing. I think I shall just burn it cuz it is borderline KP and I can't even give it to any of my friends as a gag gift (because they will physically gag!)
I'm going to white out the dialogue for it might be naughty as well.

Definitely NotSafeForWork and not safe for anywhere else for that matter.

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