Stuff Happens!

I think I'm all partied out so it'll take a while before I show off more pictures (besides, I can't top my birthday). In the interim, here are a few goodies that I picked up yesterday at UFO Catcher while waiting for the QED gig, an Anpanman mini-pillow & candy and a pair of Angry & Hangry slippers. They're a little small but they are very cosy.

I also got a pair of Shinkansen chopsticks! Fortunately I don't have any yet. I don't know what I'd do with two pair!

I got a card from one of my senior students that is quite nice.

But the best present ever is a Limited Edition of Star Trek that includes a model of the Enterprise! It may actually hold the discs in it, I haven't checked yet. Tomorrow is a sit on my ass and watch The Future Begin!

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