UnHoly Crap!

Today's GeGeGe goody is a roll of 鬼太郎トイレペーパー (Kitaro Toilet Paper)! I'm pretty sure I got this via UFO Catcher and that I dropped a bundle trying to snag it. (Or I got it on my first or second try and then dropped a bundle trying to get another roll!) Either way, I haven't used it yet...I haven't been that desperate. I took a peek at the first few sheets of bog-roll (as my British friends call it) and I got a couple of minor characters that I'm not overly familiar with. Unfortunately I can't make out their names well enough, so I'll have to research this further later. (Any ideas InterNutters?) (Be sure to click on them to Nurekabe-size them)

Sing along Karaoke style!

I'm a little behind on my KitKat posts, so here we have some しょうゆ (shoyu or Soy Sauce) flavoured. The little box is one for posting in the mail, the bigger box was given to me by a student as お土産 (omiyage) from Tokyo. I have some very considerate (and rich) students - they cost about 73 cents per mini-wafer!)

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