Devil Boy!

Borrowing a post from follower Black Sun, be sure to surf over there to check out 悪魔くん (Akuma-kun aka. Devil Boy) who is an obvious tribute/rip off of Kitaro. In my best Schultz voice..."I know Nuthink, NUTHINK"...about Akuma-kun apart from what I read there. I could seek out more info, but why bother, for the Shonen King has said it all! What he is lacking though are some YouTube links, so why not look at the End Credits?

or the opening credits from the Live Action Series?

Just so you don't think I've abandoned GeGeGe, here's a shot of a pair of my boxer shorts!

1 comment:

Shonen King said...

Cool boxers brother!!! LOL
I check your blog almost everyday, I love it!!!! Thanks again for the plug.



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