Up, Up & Coming!

Ha! Betcha thought it was going to be Away!

As of 4:30 today I was officially on Holiday! WooHoo! Now if only I didn't have a commitment as a Santa tomorrow morning, a year end party and working at NHK for the next two Mondays, I'd be truly free. Tomorrow after my Santa gig, I play bridge for the afternoon, have a 忘年会 (bounenkai or year end party) with the Bridge gang, then join my co-workers for another bounenkai and maybe a 二次会・三次会 (second & third parties). These pictures are from the aforementioned NHK who offer lessons in balloon-art.

So enough of work, how else should I keep busy? Hmmm. That's a tough one. Okay, assuming I survive tomorrow night, I could go to club SQUALL for a Flower Session featuring our Halloween partner geeepang, Mokugohan and others. Starts at 18:00, ends at 23:30 and only sets you back a couple of grand. You even get a free Mix CD. Aw, heck...I'll even throw a few KitKats your way if you mention my blog!

Speaking of KitKats, I've been remiss by neglecting to mention the
スパークリングストロベリー (Sparkling Strawberry) flavour! It tastes as sparkly as it sounds!

On the back is a link to Chocollabo, fun little site for you and your pals to surf together. It appears that one can download your own pictures onto a KitKat box! Sounds cool!

After Sunday, I have to work in the morning at NHK where I'll do my Patented Christmas Carol lessons with 4 classes of students older than myself. With any luck, they'll take me out to both lunch and dinner! Then on Tuesday, the ubiquitous Mokugohan shows up at my new favourite hangout, Droom for another night of debauchery. No flyer available, so how about a reindeer?

Fortunately, the next day (December 23rd) is 天皇誕生日 (Tenno Tanjoubi or the Emperor's Birthday) and thus a public holiday. It also happens to be Kaede Hutton's Birthday!!

Next up is Christmas Eve! I have a lead on an Anglican Church in town. I may actually pay a visit and set foot in a non-Buddhist place of worship for the first time in a decade!

You've probably heard of December 25th. It's the birthdate of a very famous individual...namely ME! I have an invite to the aforementioned Mokugohan/Hutton's abode for a Christmas dinner and that evening Echophonyk is having its own party, the poorly spelled XMASS event (which may give a nod to my Birthday as well.)

Boxing Day will be a day of rest for me, gearing up for December 27th where geeepang, Mokugohan and a herd of others team up for Q.E.D. at Darwin. Hey, it uses Latin, Quod Erat Demonstratum, so it's got to be good! Details later, so here's my GeGeGe pick of the day for now.

The next day, I go back to work at NHK and then I can relax until January 5th when I start work again. Any ideas for New Year's Eve/Day anyone??

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The Frog Queen said...

Busy, busy!!! Wow!! :)

Oh, and Happy Birthday in advance!



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