Happy Boxing Day!

To my fellow Canadians (and other Commonwealth comrades), I hope you saved a package for those less fortunate than yourselves while fighting the masses for Boxing Day bargains today. To my Irish pals (and for my little brother Stephen), Happy St. Stephen's Day! To my new follower, vishwajeet kumar, I don't know if I know you, but welcome nonetheless! To those who went out partying last night, Happy Hangover!

This is how many beers I had to drink!

Seriously folks, I had a pretty good birthday and an acceptable Christmas. I wasted the day away blogging and then I went to Alex's for dinner, a half a six-pack and watching Clone Wars Blu-Ray while playing with his attention-seeking-adorable-recently-turned-four-year-old daughter. I received the very heavy Star Wars Vault as a present! (Subsequently, I got to drag an old joke from my vault: A guy at the Olympics is walking along carrying a long rod. Someone asks him, "Are you a pole vaulter?" "No, I'm Swedish, but how did you know my name was Walter?")

Before I tell you about the rest of the evening, just a reminder to check out Akari's event, Q.E.D. Sunday night at Darwin. I'll be MCing the fashion show! Click to embiggen!

Okay, back to our little foray into debauchery: First, I went to Shaft for a Christmas/Birthday party--Highlights: Dave actually bought me a beer; The woman wearing the Santa gear spun the best set I've heard at Echo in ages; They gave me a cake; An incredibly intoxicated cutie got smoochie with me, but I decided to let her Caulk-Block friends do their job and rescue her.
Then on to Droom for a Reggae-Christmas--Highlights: I met a young lass with the same birthday as mine (though half my age); Great music; Someone bought me a tequila shot!
Then on to Liga for some Karaoke with the gang--Highlights: I've now added Silent Night & Rudolph to my repetoire of songs I can sing in Japanese; I questioned gal-pal Mai for a definitive "just-friends" standing; I got comped for my 2 beers!
Finally onto Ernies until 6am--Highlights: I met a guy with my same birthday; In our honour someone cracked a bottle of Champagne; I danced with a couple of real cuties!

The following photos are a mix of me mingling with several lovelies at the above locales.

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