12 Days Of Christmas (Minus 2).

I fully intended to link to some Christmas tunes daily for a dozen days before Christmas but I missed a couple. There has been a lot of awesomeness shared all around so I shall take it upon myself to steal from those who share (I have no shame.)

Before you take me to task for not realizing that the 12 days actually start on Christmas or Boxing Day, I do realize it, but that defeats the purpose of a countdown, doesn't it?

I'd be remiss if I didn't start off with Bob & Doug. The animation sux (and I suggest you stop watching at the 3 minute mark) but the sentiment is there!

A friend just sent me this today and it truly reflects what my hometown (Brampton) has become. The tune is truly wonderful!

I just discovered this episode of Frasier that I have NEVER seen!

Okay, more Christmassy stuff tomorrow, in the meantime here is a cool little creature that I procured from a Convenience store. This Sasquatch was in a display for some gum and I put on my droopiest puppy dog face and asked the young lass if I could have one. She obliged!

In even better news, I received a package in the mail from DeAgostini, a 2011 Calendar. From the ad, I assumed it would be a lot bigger, but it turns out to be a mini-desk calendar. I haven't looked at it past the cover, I'm saving that for January 1st...

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