A Cosmic Event.

While everyone over in North America is enjoying the Eclipse, we here in Sendai have a lovely full moon unencumbered by any other celestial objects. But I want to see a cosmic event, so here is a Cosmic Christmas. Alex and I were talking about this just last week and how much it freaked us out when we were younger. Thanks to follower Erick (whose Fun Songs download is unsurprisingly fun) for reminding me about it.

Here are parts 1,2&3:

While I'm scamming stuff from his blog, here is a clip featuring the recently departed Steve Landesberg on my favourite sitcom, Barney Miller. I've spent a few hours watching these, now it's your turn...

Another recent dead guy is the great director Blake Edwards. A master of directing slapstick and at slapping his stick at Julie Andrews (that was a bit rude, sorry), he brought us more than just the Pink Panther, particularly a long collaboration with Henry Mancini.

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