PikaPika Pageant Pics.

Last night, I wandered around downtown Sendai's Pageant of Starlight viewing the delightfully tacky LED bulbs adorning the Zelkova trees along Jozenji Dori.
(Aside: They went with LED lights for the first time this year in order to save on energy. Unfortunately, they went with cheap wiring from China and on the second night, one of the trees sparked and caught fire, shutting down the Pageant for a few days while they replaced all the faulty wiring!)
I didn't see any flames, but I did see several drunken revellers in Santa outfits and if I weren't going to Church later, I would have joined them. Here are some of the pictures, many of which are identical to everyone else's but if you venture as far as Nishi Park, you get to see the Polar Express, a Dragon and a Unicorn!

Tomorrow, some Santa pics plus...

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