Mikan If You Can.

I've been teaching all about the tradition of finding a Japanese Mandarin Orange (or みかん=Mikan) in one's Christmas Stocking from this article about the Oppenheimer brothers. I further elaborated that our family enjoyed a Mikan in our stockings annually and it was a challenge amongst us siblings to peel it in one unbroken peel. Whenever I chow down on a Mikan now, I get a tinge of nostalgia from my childhood. なつかしい!

Furthermore, I found these two blurbs about it in Japanese and have shown them to my co-workers who are too lazy to try it in English and I always get a なるほど (Oooh, I see!) everytime.




Imagine my surprise when I popped into the Station Conbini and found a pack of KitKat Littles featuring Mikan flavoured little choco-balls! They're tasty too!
I haven't seen this episode (or any other Dr. Who for that matter, I know: blasphemy!) but it apparently features Mikan prominently. I don't know which of these 10 parts it appears, so watch them starting here...

Oh yeah, I also get to recycle my "Obama likes Japanese Oranges" joke..."Yes, Mikan!"


The Frog Queen said...

LOL! That was a great post. I do remember the Dr. Who mention, made me smile.


Michael Jones said...

I'm glad someone enjoys my non-Godzilla posts too!


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