Oh, Oh, Oh!

I'm certain I'll get a few unexpected opportunities to don my gay apparal as St. Nick but today was my only scheduled appearance of the jolly one. Wearing an extremely dodgy beard and a 300¥costume, I entertained the troops at my employer's nearby Day Care Centre. The kids had a good time and I had a good time chilling with the staff in various stages of cosplay.

Afterwards, we had some food. A lot of food!

The rest of my day was spent chilling with Alex who I aided in shopping for odd items for his family members. At EBeans, we came across a book sale that had a wicked toy for sale. Putting on my sad puppy face, he relented and dropped the 200¥ and got me an early Christmas/Birthday present. The box alone was worth the price and a quick search of 彼岸島 (Higanjima or literally, Equinoctal Week-Island) proved relatively fruitless. Though I did find a trailer for the movie based on this manga.

I dunno if this figure is related to the movie, but it is pretty creepy. (Warning: Spider alert!)
The humanoid arachnid mummifying a victim in silk is spooky enough, but there is also a bonus body part. I got a torso of another  8-handed figure and, wait a sec, are those nipples on its underside?

 There was a display of photos that I like to call, "When LOL-Cats wig out."

After that we had to grab a beer and found a quaint little hole-in-the-wall place called Taru (022-224-0480)  and drank a few to try and forget those images, doesn't that last one look like Yoko Ono?

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