Just The Facts!

I popped into a used goods store today and there staring me in the face was a DeAgostino binder that eluded me in its initial run (2002-2004.) As an added bonus, there were actually two binders for the price of one (Alex, don't read this, I found your Christmas Present!) Unfortunately it didn't include any actual fact files and is just a vanilla binder...but what a binder!

There's a very nice front & back cover and the interior artwork includes a timeline of the スターウォーズ series and a map of the スターウォーズ Galaxy including a close up of the コルサント and コレリア runs.

One of these days, I should use these binders and actually put some paperwork in them...one of these days.

As an added bonus, here is a wonderful YouTuber of the Star Wars theme. Remember Bill Murray's rendition on SNL? Masato Shimon's version is far better, including a Cantina disco tune.

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