You Say PoTAto And I Say POtaTO.

Either way you say it, I'm talking about PotA (Planet of the Apes, duh.) I recently reread the original novel by Pierre Boulle, a book I haven't read since I wrote a book report about it in French class in Grade 9 many (many, many) years ago. I never realized how many differences there were to the movie and frankly, it was pretty dull in parts. Thank goodness, Rod Serling gave it a rewrite.

Alas he wasn't around to give Broyles/Konner/Rosenthal script a once over. After reading the above, I read the Quick adaptation of Burton's movie and much to my surprise, I didn't hate it. (To be perfectly honest, I also didn't despise the movie either, contrary to the opinions of everyone else in the world.) Let's hope the next movie, Rise of the Apes, supposedly a follow-up to Escape to the PotA and has nothing to do with the reimagining.

What I really liked about the movie was the merchandising in Japan! It took me a lot of Pepsis to complete a set and even more to try and get some of the special caps for Movie Maniacs (I only got 3/10 and two of those were bought second-hand.) But all in all, they do look pretty darn cool. My favourites are Urko Attar on a horse, Limbo and the Effigy. I have several doubles if anyone wants to buy them but first I have to go through them all again. According to the  Cap line-up, there are several variant versions that I need to peruse. Without any further ado, here are 29 character, 13 heads and 3 Movie Maniac caps.

Other merchandise that came out included these potato chip clips, a mini-pen, mini-yoyo, a pen cap, some print tape and other stuff.

While I'm at it, though I may have posted these before, here are: Cornelius' bust that holds the entire movie &  tv series, a Kubrick-Zaius and several action Ape-figures that I have.

I am really looking forward to the merchandizing in June/2011!

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